resources | Writing your vows

Are you planning to write your vows? Here are three things you can do that may help you.

1. Cat’s got my tongue!

Lots of people fear to speak in public, but I have never heard of anyone dying from it. 
Write down a few simple things that you want to say. Not too cheesy and not too serious.  

To curb your fear, use these tips to help you: 
Big breath in, hold for 2-5 seconds, then release slowly.
Take your time, pause when needed, and breathe again.

2. This is serious stuff!

Getting married and making it work is serious stuff, but your ceremony…not so much. 
It can be fun and not too mushy. Here are a few lines from a fun groom: 

I promise to reach anything you may need off a high shelf. 
I promise to never take your picture without giving you adequate time to prepare.

3. I am brain–dead!

Are you planning to memorize your vows?
With all of the stress of the day, why do that?! Ask your Officiant to put your vows on a card. You can take the printed cards from your wedding ceremony and put them into your wedding album, frame them, or even have your Officiant email them to the photographer or videographer to enhance your memories. 

Finally, remember, your vows should be special, not stressful!

Sandra Lynch, Ceremony Alchemy